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Anita  Dance  Studio 
Classical Dance Curriculum
Age: 6-9 yrs / 10/14 yrs
Term: 2 ( two ) Years , 2016/2017, 2017/2018
Classical Dance is the base of all choreographies, Folk dances, Jazz Modern, Ballroom Dance underlie classical dances.
Curriculum gives children insight about the basis of classical dance
1.Exercise on the Barre
2.Exercise on the Centre

Anita Dance Studio - OPEN CLASS / WORKSHOP

The purpose of the open class Is to motivate the dancers to exercise the material they have learned in dance class, not only during the dance class but at home as well.This will make them more confident, ambitious and inspired. Your role as a parent is to motivate them and make sure they do exercise at home. So that the kids/dancers/ will have the confidence to show what they have learned in front of the class.

Based on this class/Parents'  assessment/ you can evaluate the level of your child compared to the rest of the students.   It is important to us because we want to move forward with the material, set higher goals and make sure each of them succeed as individual, and as a group.                                    


What are the pros or the benefits of

competition in dance? 
They are a means of ensuring quality in a studio, they give students a wider view of the dance world and the possibilities within it, they give exposure to parents, students, and faculity of new styles, techniques, and teachers. Competitions also give something great for students to work towards.
Every Competition  means that

 1) We respect the art form by committing to personal growth, recognizing that everyone has room to improve. 2) We diversify our focus to include a full spectrum of goals in dance (not just the competitive side of it).

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